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Meet D’team


A nerd, an artist & a realist

D'efekt was founded by three creative minds, Vahagn, Tatevik & Nané, who have combined more than 30 years of experience in product design, software development, creative direction & content creation.

With a background in visual arts and a passion for innovation Nané is the company’s Chef Executive Officer. Vahag’s audiovisual expertise & futuristic vision makes him the Chief Innovation Officer and Tatevik with her experience as a software engineer & the ability to bring the unattainable to life is the Chief Technology Officer of D’efekt.

Together, their skills give rise to some amazing ideas and make the company what it is. 


We want to Make


Artistic creation FUN & EASY EXPERIENCE for everyone
by combining art & technology. 

  • Easy tools

  • Real-time feedback

  • quick result


D'efekt is



It allows you to create unique videos and photos
with movement & sound reacting effects,
express yourself in new compelling ways and get noticed!

Our goal is to build a creative brand aligned with user needs;
their first choice for content creation, inspiration and collaboration.




Fun and easy tool for quality content creation
Motion & sound reacting unique effects
Simple interface



More complete set of tools for
Content creators, marketers and professionals.
No coding required.

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Apple loves us ;)


on the app store

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in more than 30 countries worldwide

Apps we love & Artify your videos
in multiple countries

0$ spent on marketing


300,000 USERS

monthly active user

paying customers




United States


Average Rating
out of 9,330 ratingS


4.6 ★★★★★



by TatianaRodriguesLins – Dec 2, 2018
New Zealand

This is one of the greatest APPS I came across in a long time 🙏🏾💜

Exactly what I ever wanted ★★★★★

by Floweeeerrs – Jul 27, 2018
United States

This app is incredible it has so many great video editing features and works so smoothly! Have yet to have any problems with the way it works. Very great work I love it, if I could give more stars I would!!

Coolest app I ever used! ★★★★★

by 牙啊文 – Jun 22, 2018

After I used this app and posted it on my Instagram, I grow like 500 followers, got 1000 comments for my stories. This is amazing.

Magnificent work, Creative Minds! ★★★★★

by Ice4ng3l – Jun 17, 2018

This App offers great, innovative effects to play with and to combine! Thank you for your work, I can see the creative genius behind it ((:

Amazing! ★★★★★

by Batman2287 – Jun 17, 2018
United States

I must say that this app has some of the coolest effects I have seen for video! I love playing with the effects all the time and find it hard not to open it at least once a day. I REALLY love the newest effect FLAME! It has such a great result in the videos. Great job on this app! Keep it up, I look forward to future effects!!!!!

Brilliant. ★★★★★

by ARothmanMusic – Jun 2, 2018
United States

This app does amazing things. It’s intuitive, powerful, and packed with “wow factor.” I can’t believe they’re giving it away.

Incredible! ★★★★★

by mister566 – May 16, 2018
United States

This has to be one of the coolest apps that I’ve ever used. It’s smooth and powerful. Takes your images to a wonderful illogical place. it’s addictive.

Incredible ★★★★★

by Tastyfood – May 3, 2018
United States

Leagues beyond every other effects app I’ve tried. Allows me to make stuff I actually want to show people. One request to the dev(s) is to allow for importing of photos. Right now the import button only goes to my videos, even when I’m in the photo mode. Still an amazing app though


Check out Some videos



Check out @dfkt.co for more
Search for #dfkt & #madewithdefekt on instagram


The app is Monetized through


In-app purchases

  • Multiple effects $0,99 - $2,49

  • Watermark removal $3,99

  • Dj mode (coming soon) $99,99


Average revenue per paid user






39,99 yearly / $4,99 monthly

  • access to all paid effects & features

  • Monthly updates

  • Early access to new effects

  • unlimited recording time

  • High-res export



Social media Influencers
Creative Brands
Artists - tastemakers

  • D'efekt creation by influencers

  • Promotion across social channels

  • Content marketing

  • On-boarding influencers

  • Collaboration with brands & artists


Customer Acquisition
via followers of Influencers/Artists

Strong, standalone community
of D'efekt users


our goal



By the end of 2019

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Q1 2018

Design a low level high performant graphical engine
test, test, test :D
Build instagram following
MVP Launch (April 7)

Q2-Q3 2018

Add New effects
Add in-app purchases
Localization (2 new languages)
Build loyal users community & gather feedback

Q4 2018

D’efekt 2.0
Audio reactivity
Add new effects
Localization (2 new languages)
Build loyal users community & gather feedback

Q1-Q2 2019

Add new effects
Grow the team (development & marketing)
Localization (2 new languages)
Collaboration with artists & influencers

Q3-Q4 2019

D'efekt 3.0
AR based features & effects
Face effects
Add text & interactive objects
Basic video editing
Switch to subscription model
Add photo import & manipulation
Content based marketing

Q1-Q2 2020

Add dj mode
AI based Sound features
AR based new features
Provide a tool for users to create custom effects
Continue content based marketing

Q3-Q4 2020

D’efekt 4.0
Rollout of Social and collaborative features
Movement based music generation
Development of Android version
Continue content based marketing


be an artist.

Try it yourself


With love D'efekt Team
Contact us: nane@dfkt.co


Copyright © 2018 by D’efekt
All rights reserved. The ideas presented herein are the sole property of D’efekt.

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