Who we are

Where's the birthplace of inspiration? What makes you motivated like never before? Indeed, it is different for everyone. One lives a troubled life and gets inspired; another is on a plane when they think of something revolutionary. What inspired us was...well, the immense amount of boredom. Imagine a curly-headed gal, a funny dude, and a focused girl sitting at their workplace, dreaming about a job where they will feel delighted. A job that will make them tear up not because they would do anything to take a day off but because it makes them insanely excited and joyful. This is how our app was created. More like, it was when the focused girl moved from her office table and landed next to the funny dude and the curly-headed gal. We realized that the new idea we came up with was something us three were passionate about. So we took the risk. We quit our job and started the new page of our lives. We invented this app because we believe that everything that had happened in our lives before led us to this exact point. The point where the satisfaction would lead over the exhaustion, the stress and the anxiety. With our new app, we hope to inspire and motivate those who feel like they have more to offer to the world than they are doing now. D’efekt will make you unique and will make you noticed with your new ideas. It will boost your creativity and imagination like never before. We wish for you to feel connected to our app as much as we do.