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D'efekt is
a creative playground. 

It’s a collection of movement reacting effects.

All of them are the result of collaboration with various artists. Everything works in real-time. You don’t need cumbersome tools to create awesome videos. Just point and shoot. Distort the reality. Dazzle.

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Displaced back and forth in time.
One image, different times.



Transform the movement into
a colorful rainbow.

defekt echo


Leave a trace behind.
Multiply the movement. 


And morE...


New effects and features
every 2 weeks.

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Group 15.png


Hold your camera still.

- Shoot with camera
- import videos
- Swipe to change effects
- Adjust effects while recording
- Combine multiple effects
- Save or share



Tag your videos on instagram with #madewithdefekt or #dfkt and we might feature it on and our website


Email us directly if you have any questions or suggestions.